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The Master Small Ruminant Producer program is designed to give sheep and goat producers a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on learning experiences. The program is designed for first time producers all the way to the seasoned veterans. Cost of the program is $100.

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Q: What is the Master Small Ruminant Program?
A: The Master Small Ruminant Program is an educational program designed to provide a foundation of science-based and practical sheep and goat environmental information.

Q: What are the topics covered?
A: Topics change for each year’s program, but typically cover: Pasture Management, Reproduction, Genetics Nutrition, Health, Marketing, Economics, Hot Topics.

Q: Do I have to own a certain number of sheep/goats to participate?
A: No, the program is designed for those interested in future ownership, 0-50 head, and 50 and over. First time producers and generational producers will all learn.

Q: How long is the Master Small Ruminant Program?
A: The program is anywhere from 8-20 classes in which the participant is required to attend a minimum of 7 classes to receive certification. Selection and attendance is entirely up to the participant.

Q: What is the format of the program?
A: Depending on the program and location, the program may either be hands-on or virtual. Please check with each individual location for specific format.

Q: When does the program take place?
A: Participants can sign up at any time as hands-on classes are offered year-round. Virtual classes are only offered in February-April.

Q: How often do I need to take the program to maintain TN Ag Enhancement certification?
A: Upon taking the course, certification is good for three years.

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: The cost of the program is $100. Participants will receive access to all of the hands-on classes (1 year from purchase of program) plus the virtual classes.

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