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4-H Livestock

girl clipping a sheep preparing for a show

Learn the skills it takes to raise and care for sheep, swine, goats, beef, dairy, and poultry.  Each species project varies in length, cost and commitment. Swine shows are scheduled in January with all other species showing during the summer months and culminating their year at the Williamson County Fair in August. Participants will gain knowledge of animal science, learn valuable life skills, and have the opportunity to bond with their family as they work together. Participants do not have to own and show animals to participate in learning about animal science through a variety of hands-on learning experiences and teams. Free to join, 4th-12th grade, meets September-May and is open to new students anytime during the year.

Project runs October-January

County Show-December 6, 2020 – Williamson County Ag Expo Park

Central Region Show-January 13-14, 2021-Cookeville – Hyder-Burks Arena

State Show-January 14-16, 2021-Cookeville – Hyder-Burks Arena

Project runs February-August

Market Steer Weigh, Tag and Entry – February 14, 2021 2:00-5:00 PM – Williamson County Ag Expo Park – Exhibitor Survey must be completed by January 25, 2021 if you plan to show a market steer.

Heifer and Prospect Steer Weigh, Tag and Entry – April (TBD)

County Show-August 6-14, 2021-Williamson County Fair

Central Region Show-June 30 – July 1, 2021- Wilson County Fairgrounds, Lebanon, TN

State Show-July 1-3, 2021- Wilson County Fairgrounds, Lebanon, TN

Project runs April-October

County Show-August 6-14, 2021-Williamson County Fair

Central Region Sheep Show – September 11, 2021 -Rutherford County Extension Complex, Murfreesboro, TN.

State Sheep Expo – October 22-23, 2021- Hyder-Burks Ag Pavillion, Cookeville, TN

Project runs April-August

County Show-August 6-14, 2021-Williamson County Fair

Central Region Goat Show – July 24 (Tentative) – Location TBD

State Show-August 14, 2021-Lebanon

Project runs May-October

County Show-August 6-14, 2021-Williamson County Fair

Central Region Dairy Show – August 18, 2021 – Ward Ag Center, Lebanon, TN

State Show-October 15-16, 2021- Location TBD

Poultry Project Opportunity

Chick Chain is a unique way for students to raise their own flock at home and learn about poultry in a hands-on experience. Chick Chain teaches responsibility, financial management, record keeping, communication and marketing all while allowing participants to enjoy their project and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Applications from 4th-12th grade students are accepted in December and January of each year. Participants attend a mandatory training seminar on “how to” raise blue ribbon pullets (a term used to describe a female hen before she lays eggs). Students then return in March to pick up baby chicks to take home and raise.

When the Williamson County Fair rolls around in August, students bring a pen of 5 hens back for a competition where trophies, ribbons and prize money are distributed to those who complete the project. The pens of 5 are auctioned to the public and the funds collected from the sale pay for the chicks for next year’s participants…making it a complete chick-chain.

Applications are due by February 4, 2021. New students applying should also join the 4-H Poultry Project.

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