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4-H Poultry

Participants have the opportunity to learn about poultry in a variety of projects and activities like skillathon, poultry judging, showing poultry at the Williamson County Fair and/or participating in the Chick Chain project where they raise their own backyard flock per project guidelines. Some events within the poultry project like Chick Chain, Skillathon and Judging have separate meeting times and contests. See details on each of these activities below.

Open to 4th-12th grades, Free. Join anytime of year for different activities listed below.

Applications Due no later than Feb 4, 2021

Chick Chain is a unique way for students to raise their own flock at home and learn about poultry in a hands-on experience. Chick Chain teaches responsibility, financial management, record keeping, communication and marketing all while allowing participants to enjoy their project and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Applications from 4th-12th grade students are accepted in December and January of each year. Participants attend a mandatory training seminar on “how to” raise blue ribbon pullets (a term used to describe a female hen before she lays eggs). Students then return in March to pick up baby chicks to take home and raise.

When the Williamson County Fair rolls around in August, students bring a pen of 5 hens back for a competition where trophies, ribbons and prize money are distributed to those who complete the project. The pens of 5 are auctioned to the public and the funds collected from the sale pay for the chicks for next year’s participants…making it a complete chick-chain.

Applications are due by February 4, 2021. New students applying should also join the 4-H Poultry Project.

Participants learn about the poultry industry, judging and USDA grading standards, and breed identification as well as nutrition, anatomy & physiology and flock management. Skillathon is a fun, quiz based event to help students bring their skills and knowledge into competition. Prizes and awards are distributed during the Williamson County Fair.

Poultry Judging 4th-12th grade, August– September – Students learn how to grade eggs and poultry meat according to USDA standards. Participants learn terminology related to poultry product quality and develop the skills necessary to evaluate quality. Poultry Judging is a lot of fun and a great way for students have hands-on experiences even if they do not have or raise poultry. While the contest typically occurs in September, it is for students in the qualifying grades of January 1 of that calendar year.

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