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We help people make healthy choices, manage health conditions, and create healthier environments.

Q. What can Extension do for me?

A. Think of Extension as your consulting and educational resource. Nearly all services are free of charge. We provide research based information and resources that are trustworthy.

Q. What health programs are available?

A. Take Charge of Your Diabetes, Dining with Diabetes, Living with Chronic Conditions, Matter of Balance, Live Healthy/Work Healthy, and HIM (Health Information for Men)

Q. When are these programs offered?

A. At various times of the year. If interested submit your name on the “contact us” form and you will be notified when classes are offered

Q. How much do these classes cost?

A. All of the classes except for Dining with Diabetes are free. There is a minimal charge for Dining with Diabetes because food is prepared.

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